The newest updates from RLM Apparel Software include first in, first out layered costing as well as inventory status and management. These new features provide fashion brands with new capabilities to track cost of an item as well as offering inventory visibility of all finished or unfinished merchandise.

Lyndhurst, New Jersey --December 12, 2016-- RLM Apparel Software, solutions provider to some of the fashion industries most respected brands, adds FIFO Layered Costing and Inventory Management to its RLM ERP module. The already powerful Enterprise Resource Planning business system can now account for and track varying costs of an item, as well as unfinished product inventory.


Do you purchase the same product over and over again but at different costs, based on factory surcharges, or fluctuations in the cost of production? Do you wonder what your real margin or cost of goods sold really is for inventory being shipped out the door? The first in, first out inventory management method tracks the order in which merchandise is purchased and then sold. FIFO gives an updated reflection of current market prices for inventory items. Now the fully integrated RLM ERP system gives you the power to layer costs and get the most accurate view of the value of warehouse inventory and what cost of goods sold is no matter how many times it has been purchased at different price points.


A detailed inventory management strategy improves the accuracy of timely shipping, lowers costs through accurate purchase decision-making, and increases the bottom line. The latest innovation within RLM ERP is an automated system for apparel companies that are bringing a sewn garment into inventory as either undyed or requiring washing. This system easily tracks the movement of unfinished items out of the warehouse to a third party finishing contractor, and back into inventory as a shippable finished product. When it is time to send undyed merchandise out to a contractor for dying and finishing, a purchase order is initiated through RLM with the details of how garments should be colored. Once that PO is issued, inventory is removed automatically as a finished product and available for shipping. The benefit of this type of inventory management allows for complete visibility of all finished or unfinished merchandise. Additionally, precise inventory cost valuations can be calculated which will result in more accurate recordkeeping for any additional contract work.

About RLM Apparel Software Systems

RLM Apparel Software is a leading provider of modular, end-to-end business software solutions designed specifically to address the needs of global fashion retailers, brands, and manufacturers. Over its 36 year history, RLM has enabled many of the largest and most innovative apparel, footwear, accessories, and related companies to reach their full potential by accelerating performance, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and streamlining business processes across the entire concept-to-consumer product lifecycle.

RLM’s category-spanning enterprise software solutions comprise capabilities typically found separately in enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM), supply chain management (SCM), warehouse management systems (WMS), sales force automation (SFA), and e-commerce systems (B2B/B2C). RLM solutions are available in either a traditional on premise deployment or as a hosted cloud subscription model.

RLM clients include Alexander Wang, Blowfish Malibu, Kenneth Cole Productions, Halston, John Varvatos, Jordache Enterprises, Beyond Yoga, Michael Kors, The Row, US Polo Association, and other leading apparel, footwear, and accessories companies. For more information, visit http://www.ronlynn.com.

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